Ridesharing means sharing a ride in a car or van with at least one other person.  Benefits include fuel cost savings, wear and tear on vehicles and roads, reducing traffic congestion, and better air quality due to reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ridesharing services enable commuters to find other individuals who share similar commute routes and work hours.  Visit Commuter Connections, a service of Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, to find your ridematch today.



CarpoolNow, a free mobile app, makes carpooling convenient for both passengers and drivers going the same way.  The mobile app provides commuters with free on-demand carpooling services, connecting drivers offering a ride with passengers seeking a ride. It displays routes, estimated pick-up times, and confirms pick-up and drop-off locations.



To start using CarpoolNow, simply create a Commuter Connections account if you don’t have one already, then download the free CarpoolNow mobile app for your Apple, Android or Blackberry device.