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Howard Commuter Solutions is the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program of Howard County, Maryland, funded by the Maryland Department of Transportation / Maryland Transit Administration and the Howard County Office of Transportation.

2040 MD

What are your transportation priorities for Maryland?

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is updating the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) and would like your input. The MTP establishes a 20-year vision for transportation in the state and provides policy direction through statewide multimodal goals and objectives. The MTP outlines the State’s overarching transportation priorities and helps define transportation decision-making within the larger context. In turn, the MTP guides the development of the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP), which identifies specific road, bridge, transit, aviation, port, pedestrian and bikeway projects that will be funded over the six-year capital program.

The MTP is updated through extensive consultation and coordination with state, regional and local government stakeholders. It is also updated through outreach to Maryland’s citizens, whose feedback and viewpoints are vital in shaping the MTP. In response, the Maryland Department of Transportation has launched a survey to learn what transportation initiatives are important to you when looking ahead 20 years. Help spread the word and share the survey link with other Marylanders so their voices can be heard as well!